A Friendly Family Run


MotoZone – founded by a family who have passion for fun on wheels and a true love of nature.

With this passion and love we were inspired to work together and by combining our wide range of ages, experiences and talents, we formed our MotoZone concept. Our enthusiasm and energy shines through, along with our care and concern for others and the community.

This is just the beginning!

Motozone Desert Madness

An Insane Location

MotoZone is able to cater for everyone’s needs. We have created a facility to make the overall experience more enjoyable for everyone, including families and pets. With comfy seating and drinks to offer, come and make a memory that will last forever.

Family Run Business

As a family run business we have formed a really great team. By putting our ideas together we have built a strong foundation for our business. When needed, we are there for each other and treat everyone who visits MotoZone as part of our family.

Meet the Madness


The fascination for wheels and engines is definitely in my blood. I spent many hours watching my uncle restore old motocross bikes and working alongside my brother restoring old cars.

Moving to Dubai, meant riding in the sand was a must. As soon as I arrived the first thing to do was buy a bike and experience the dunes.

By studying business enterprise and entrepreneurship here in Dubai it gave me the knowledge and confidence of starting up my own business.

It was always a vision to turn my passion into a business, excited to wake up every morning for the next adventure ahead.

Now to live my dreams!


I’m Tony’s sister and best friend.

I grew up as a Tomboy and still am at heart. I know I don’t look like one now!

I love the desert adventure but don’t have much time as I’m the lady behind Instagram and social media.

My course on Interior design in Spain was put to great use to help my brother plan MotoZone.

I’m looking forward to fulfilling our dreams!


I have many roles. Most important are Mum to Tony and Shelly, Nanny to Vinnie and Mom to the rest of the team!

Motorbikes create a special feeling inside me. Riding on the back of a motorbike from one end of the UK to the other as a teenager was one of the most memorable adventures I’ve had.

When Tony showed his interest in bikes I was the first to encourage him.

I’ve run successful businesses for myself and assisted many clients through the years.

It’s a pleasure to help the team!


I am MotoZone’s official photographer. I learned all my skills working in a photo studio in the Philippines and have been inspired to take pictures of all aspects of the desert.

I am practicing my video skills and the team are really encouraging!

My favorite vehicles to drive are buggies and quads.

I have learned many skills working at MotoZone and eager to develop more!

I am an emergency responder and part of the MotoZone recovery team.

I wake up wondering what the next challenge will be!


I was in the Philippines when my cousin Morris started chatting to me about his job in Dubai.

After convincing MotoZone to take me on, I came to join the family team. It was exciting as extreme sport is my first love. I am a well-known Drag Racer in my home country.

I’ve now learned spray painting and welding to create unique ornaments out of engine parts.

I’ve been encouraged to fix bikes and will now train and qualify as a professional mechanic.

Every day is a new skill learned!


It all started off when my mum bought me a quad bike and my Nan bought me all the safety gear. Uncle T showed me how to ride.

Since then, I’ve started to ride motorbikes taking lots of lessons. First on an electric Gas Gas and now on a KTM 65cc.

I ride every week so that one day I can be good enough to race with the MotoZone team (That’s if my mummy lets me).

Guess where my favorite place is… MOTOZONE!


As a kid in South Africa, I spent most of my weekends at a race track or at events related to bikes or cars. My father was a pure petrol-head, which is a trait he passed to me. After finishing my business degree and making a move to Dubai, I discovered the love for riding in this vast sandy playground.

Being part of the MotoZone family is a great fit, as we all share the same passions and values and I’m encouraged to put my degree to use as well.

The desert is always full of mystery!


I’m originally from the UK but have lived in Dubai since 2008. I started motocross in the UK at age 17 and trained as a motorbike mechanic, qualifying before I left.

My greatest passion is riding in the desert and I’ve been lucky to be sponsored by KTM to race in the UAE.

Being part of the MotoZone team is an exciting step for me, giving me the opportunity to pass my skills and enthusiasm on to others.

Currently preparing for Dakar Rally 2022!